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    Differentiate Or Die

    Differentiate Or Die

    Frequently when I’m consulting with real estate team leaders and agents, I’m told, “well, Mark, everyone is the same, just like me!” And I say: “differentiate or die.”

    Think about it; you can get gas for your car anywhere. You can take any airline or rental car firm to get you to your destination. So why do you trade where you trade? For some, it’s the price; for others, it’s service, and for many, it’s convenience.

    Think about it when marketing a commodity business consider the following eight ways to?differentiate yourself:

    • Deliver an overall superior customer service experience
    • Deliver superior responsiveness
    • Offer flexibility with a menu of services
    • Be the undisputed knowledge expert in your neighborhood
    • Become a valuable resource – the HUB of all things home service-related
    • Create more relevant and modern digital marketing
      • Example: Package your pre-listing, listing and post-listing communications in a very unique and fun way
    • Surprise and delight with creative neighborhood events
      • Example: A shredder or charity truck drop off for spring cleaning
    • Build more robust and more in-depth relationships – an organic loyalty program.

    Take the perfect transaction from your experience and work backward. Reinvent a great experience from start to finish. Then ask for feedback. Studies show you just need to ask four questions:

    1. What did we do well?
    2. What can we do better?
    3. Would you refer us to others who need to buy, sell, or invest?
    4. Anything else you would like to share with us?

    So there you have it differentiate or die! Will you?

    Episode 125:Michelle Barre – Don’t Ever Tell Me I Can’t Do something

    Episode 125:Michelle Barre – Don’t Ever Tell Me I Can’t Do something

    Today on episode 125 of Success Superstars, JPAR’s Michelle Barre from the San Antonio market sits down with Mark Johnson, CEO of JPAR to talk about her having brain surgery to overcome epilepsy. Now she’s developed expertise in short sales and expired listings. She explains how she’s solving problems that other people can’t solve, and bringing them to the market place. She averages 20 closings a year.

    “Don’t ever tell me I can’t do something.” – Michelle Barre

    Success Superstars is your place for innovation, creativity, and the blueprint of success for peak performers just like you! The intention every Thursday at 11 am CST right here on Facebook is to shed light and provide a platform to share best practices and success across JPAR teams, agents, and staff.

    Watch previous episodes:?

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    The Number One Habit To Develop – Become An Anteater!

    The Number One Habit To Develop – Become An Anteater!

    My acquaintance Dr. Danial Amen wrote about his experience with ants. After a hard day at the office, he arrived home and found thousands of ants in his kitchen as he started to clean them up, an acronym developed in his mind – ANTs.?

    Just like the infested kitchen, his patients’ brains were also overrun by ANTs. Yet ants in a different sense:?Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs).? And those thoughts were robbing them of their joy and stealing their happiness.

    He started teaching his patients how to eliminate all of the ANTs because that’s what fuels negativity.

    Every single time you have a thought, your brain releases chemicals.

    Dr. Amen determined that every time you have a sad, hopeless, mad, cranky, unkind, judgmental, or helpless thought, your brain immediately releases chemicals that make your body feel awful. Your hands get cold and wet, your muscles get tense, your heart beats faster, and your breathing becomes shallower. Additionally, the activity in your frontal and temporal lobes decreases, which negatively affects your judgment, learning, memory.

    The opposite is also true – whenever you have a happy, hopeful, loving, kind, or positive thought, your brain releases an entirely different set of chemicals. Your hands get warmer and dryer, your breathing becomes more profound and more regular, your muscles relax, your blood pressure decreases, and your brain works better.

    So, if you want to eradicate negativity from your life, work on disciplining your mind to get rid of the ANTs and developing ANTeaters to patrol the streets of your account. (Side note: 2 of my sons our University of California (UCI) Anteaters!)??

    Just as there are many species of ants in the world, there are different kinds of negative thought patterns (ANTs). Dr. Amen outlined a few we felt we all should learn to identify:


    The masterful art of predicting the worst, even though you don’t have any evidence.


    Where you arbitrarily believe that you know what someone else is thinking, even though they didn’t tell you. Many people do this, and more often than not, it gets them into trouble. It’s a significant reason why people have difficulty in relationships. I call it false projecting!


    Thinking with words like should, must, ought, and have to. The words we use to talk to ourselves are significant. Guilt is a good motivator for change. Telling yourself, “I should go see my grandmother” rather than “I want to spend time with my grandmother,” only serves to make you feel negative.


    Whenever you blame someone else for the problems in your life, you are a victim, and you can’t do anything to change it. Many of us play the blame game, but it rarely helps us. Stay away from blaming thoughts and take personal responsibility for changing the problems you have.


    Calling yourself or someone else a derogatory name. This diminishes your ability to see situations clearly, and labels can be very harmful.

    So now that you have met some of the ANTs that rob you of your happiness and peace of mind, what do you do about them?

    Whenever you find yourself feeling mad, sad, nervous, or out-of-control, write down what you are thinking. Then identify which ANT species is infesting your mind and talk back to it.

    Challenging negative thoughts (killing the ANTs) takes away their power and gives YOU control over your thoughts, moods, and behaviors.

    The cool thing is we all get to choose how we play the game and learning how to kill the ANTs and develop an internal ANTeater is a great choice!?

    Check out his book,? The Brain Warrior’s Way


    Episode 124: Dr. Shane Creado – Peak Performance

    Episode 124: Dr. Shane Creado – Peak Performance

    Today Mark interviews peak performance expert Dr. Shane Creado. Mark talks with Dr. Creado about productivity and the keys to peak performance. We all make 100’s of decisions a day, is that taxing on the brain?

    Studies show your brain is just like a muscle. When your brain gets depleted it’s less effective. The compound effect of simple choices – like what groceries to buy this week – might lead us to procrastinate on that important work project. So watch today’s episode to find out how a “tired” mind finds a path of least resistance in distracting leisure activities” and the solutions – if you choose – to take a different path.

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    4 Tips To Improve Your Referral Network

    The National Association of REALTORS?, Google, and our surveys show the fastest way to grow your business is through referrals. Not only are self-generated referrals more likely to close, but they are also much easier to deal with. Although most real estate professionals understand the importance of referrals, many do not do enough to generate them. The latest research shows that somewhere near 90% of consumers would do business with their real estate professional again, yet only somewhere near 25% do.??

    Referrals don’t just fall in your lap. You need to have a game plan to create them consistently. Fortunately, there are many referral opportunities ready to be activated. By executing a few simple steps consistently, you can capture these valuable assets before they go to the competition.??

    Here are four tips you can use to help improve your referral network.

    #1 – Exceed Expectations?

    Are you a door opener or an expert real estate consultant with command of the local community benefits and services? We recently surveyed consumers and compared results to agent production. There was a clear correlation to agents who were viewed as door openers by the consumer vs. agents who truly had distinguished themselves as experts in the community and in all things homeownership.?

    #2 – Give Back?

    Was it Zig Ziglar that said, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want!” So true, and if all you do is take, take, take, and ask, ask, ask, without giving back, your referral pool will be empty. What is your game plan to give back and add value to your referral sources? A promotional video on your social media? Introductions to others that you know. To create a thriving referral network, you must have a plan to give back,?

    #3 – Ask more consistently.?

    One of the distinctions between average sales professionals and master professionals is consistently asking for referrals. This seems obvious yet is often overlooked. If you have held up your side of a deal to get it to closing, you need to ask. Then go on to ask for the lifetime relationship of the client.?

    There is a way to ask for referrals without being pushy. The worst that someone can say is no. You never know who may be ready to work with you unless you ask and ask consistently.?

    #4 – Handwritten Notes?

    This sounds so old school, yet so very effective. Consumers today appreciate the small gestures you do for them. Everyone likes to be thanked for a job well done. Even though we live in a digital day and age, we shouldn’t overlook simple items. One of those items is a nice, thought out handwritten thank you card. You will get more mileage from a thank you card than a text or email. Texts or emails are often looked at and quickly discarded. A thank you card is personal and remembered longer. For the five minutes it takes to write and the cost of a stamp, you can separate yourself from your competition.

    Instead of focusing on deals, focus on the relationship—the lifetime value of the relationship.

    The money you invest in this area will give you a much higher long-term payoff.?Not only will you end up getting more deals, but you will have a much higher chance of closing them.?The best part about referrals is that the little things often have the most significant impact.?There are a handful of things you can do every day to get noticed.? Start by concentrating on people you are currently working with or have worked within the past.? Use the four easy tips to build a much more reliable and consistent referral network.?


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